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  • Ring Of Keys

    By awkwardlyary for eruthros
    Brother to Brother [Movie]

    In the musical Fun Home (the musical based on Alison Bechdel's award wining graphic novel about coming out and the death of her father), when Small Allison is at a lunchonette with her dad she see's a butch lesbian for the first time and it resonates with her.

    The same themes preside in Brother To Brother, seeing yourself in an older queer person. It's about self discovery and learning from the past. Perry's "Ring Of Keys" moment is when they are painting together and I wanted to show the sharp similaraties between James and Perry.

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  • Monster

    By awkwardlyary for terajk
    Empire (2015) [TV]

    The Lyon family are a bunch of monsters. What won't they do to get what they want?

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  • The Creationist

    By awkwardlyary for valoise
    Good Eats [TV]

    This vid shows the ridiculous crazy world that Alton Brown created for 14 seasons. The song defines Good Eats so well - "Life is my creation, Is my best friend, Imagination, Is my defense." Alton Brown brought new creativity to the cooking show - and who doesn't like puppets?

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