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Fandom Nominations 23 Sep 2016, 12:00PM 30 Sep 2016, 12:00PM
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Sign Ups 15 Oct 2016, 12:00PM 25 Oct 2016, 12:00PM
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Go Live 28 Jan 2017, 8:00AM
Reveals 11 Feb 2017, 9:30AM

Welcome to Festivids 2016!

Final post on Livejournal

Due to recent changes to the LJ Terms of Use, and because activity on the Festivids and fv-poster LiveJournals has dropped down to virtually nil in the last couple of years, the mods have made a decision to close the Festivids LJ account.

The vid posts have all been edited!

All of the vid posts should now have the correct info!

Reveals are up!

The anonymous period for Festivids 2016-17 is now officially over! You can see the names of the vidders at the Livejournal masterpost, the Dreamwidth masterpost, or the Festivids website.

The End is Nigh!

Greetings, Festividders! We're almost at the end of the anonymous period, so just to confirm how things will work on Saturday 11th February when reveals go up.

Guess The Festividder!

Hi all!


To put our house in order before the next Festivids, there's been some pruning to merge or remove duplicate accounts. So, if you previously had two accounts with, for instance, both Dreamwidth and Livejournal, they have been combined. If they've been combined in a fashion you didn't want (e.g., you've gotten Livejournal, but prefer Dreamwidth, see below on how to change your account log in from one to the other.)

Click here to see all accounts and their corresponding log in service

abby82 Livejournal
AbsoluteDestiny Dreamwidth
absternr Livejournal
Abyssinia Dreamwidth
acridnym Livejournal
actiaslunaris Dreamwidth
affablyevil Dreamwidth
agirlnamedtruth Livejournal
Airawyn Dreamwidth
alba17 Livejournal
alba17 Dreamwidth
alexa.osborne.7 Facebook
AlexJS Livejournal
alley-skywalker Livejournal
amnisias Livejournal
amyj.oneil Google
ANameForAGirl Twitter
andibeth82 Facebook
andraste Dreamwidth
Anoel Livejournal
anza Livejournal
apatheia_jane Dreamwidth
aphrodite-mine Dreamwidth
Aris Merquoni Dreamwidth
ash48 Livejournal
astartexx Livejournal
astolat Dreamwidth
atr Livejournal
aurumcalendula Dreamwidth
Avendya Dreamwidth
awkwardlyary Livejournal
Azar Livejournal
Banbury (B. McBurg) Livejournal
Barkley Livejournal
barometry Dreamwidth
baticeer Tumblr
be-themoon Dreamwidth
bedeliadumurderer Tumblr
beekeepersapprentice Google
bessyboo Dreamwidth
bigmamag Livejournal
bingeling Twitter
bingeling Dreamwidth
bionic Livejournal
bironic Dreamwidth
bironicwastaken Twitter
bisclaveret Livejournal
blithesea Livejournal
bluediamond421 Twitter
bookaddict43 Livejournal
boom_queen Dreamwidth
bop_radar Livejournal
bradcpu Livejournal
braver_creature Livejournal
buffyann Livejournal Google
butterfly Dreamwidth
calapine Livejournal
cappy Dreamwidth
Cara Marie Dreamwidth
carawj Dreamwidth
Carnivorous Giraffe Dreamwidth
carolina.guarienti Google
cee-m Dreamwidth
cee_m Livejournal
celli Dreamwidth
chaila Dreamwidth
Chamalla Livejournal
Charmax Facebook
Chat Noir Livejournal
chayiana Livejournal
CherryIce Livejournal
chibimuse Dreamwidth
china shop Livejournal
ciaimpala Livejournal
cienna Livejournal
cienna Dreamwidth
cirque Dreamwidth
Clarence Google
colls Dreamwidth
condnsdmlk Dreamwidth
cosmic-llin Livejournal
credoimprobus Dreamwidth
crickets Livejournal
Crowie Livejournal
cupidsbow Dreamwidth
d-generate-girl Dreamwidth
dailyalice Livejournal
damkianna Dreamwidth
dance-the-dance Livejournal
danegen Dreamwidth
danegen Livejournal
dawnier Livejournal
daybreak777 Livejournal
Dayln Livejournal
Deathisyourart Livejournal
deborah.drake.56 Facebook
Deejay Livejournal
deelaundry Livejournal
deelaundry Dreamwidth
Deirdre C. Livejournal
Destina Livejournal
dhobikikutti Dreamwidth
Di Twitter
diannelamerc Livejournal
Diar Livejournal
dkwilliams Livejournal
Doccy Livejournal
Dogstar Dreamwidth
dragonchic Livejournal
dragondie Livejournal
Dualbunny Livejournal
E-transitions Livejournal
echan Dreamwidth
eimeo Livejournal
elderberryink Livejournal
eleanorjane Livejournal
elegantbutstrange Livejournal
elipie Dreamwidth
elli Livejournal
EllieMurasaki Livejournal
eruthros Dreamwidth
esteefee Twitter
evewithanapple Dreamwidth
f1renze Livejournal
fahrbotdrusilla Dreamwidth
fan_eunice Dreamwidth
feedingonwind Dreamwidth
feochadn Livejournal
ferchu Livejournal
Ferdalump Livejournal
fiercynn Dreamwidth
findthesea Livejournal
fizzyblogic Dreamwidth
foomatic Livejournal
Franzeska Dreamwidth
frayadjacent Dreamwidth
frith-in-thorns Dreamwidth
frogspace Livejournal
futuransky Dreamwidth
gaby0189x Livejournal
Galadriel Livejournal
garfieldis Google
garrideb Dreamwidth
ghost lingering Dreamwidth
GhostTownExit00 Twitter
ghost_lingering Dreamwidth
Gianduja Kiss Dreamwidth
giandujakiss Twitter
gjstruthseeker Livejournal
glovered Livejournal
goodbyebird Dreamwidth
grammarwoman Dreamwidth
gwenfrankenstien Dreamwidth
gwyneth Dreamwidth
hapex_legomena Livejournal
happydork Dreamwidth
hazelk Dreamwidth
Heather Google
hellpenguin Dreamwidth
heresluck Dreamwidth
heuradys Dreamwidth
himundergreen Dreamwidth
hitlikehammers Livejournal
hmmyeahokay Dreamwidth
hollywoodgrrl Livejournal
hollywoodgrrl Dreamwidth
imaginarycircus Dreamwidth
imbir Dreamwidth
inkjunket Dreamwidth
intervolved-fate Tumblr
Isagel Dreamwidth
Isis Dreamwidth
Jackiekjono Livejournal
jacquelee Livejournal
jagwriter78 Livejournal
Jaidanwolf Livejournal
janetmaca Livejournal
jarrow Livejournal
jedi-of-urth Livejournal
jessihoney Livejournal
Jetpack Monkey Dreamwidth
jmtorres Dreamwidth
josette-arnauld Tumblr
Josette_Arnauld Twitter
Joyo Livejournal
joyo Dreamwidth
julianatia Livejournal
jwbrett Google
kaizoku Dreamwidth
Karita Wyr Google
Kass Dreamwidth
kaydeefalls Dreamwidth
Khaiell Dreamwidth
kiki_miserychic Livejournal
Killa Livejournal
Kitty Livejournal
kj-svala Dreamwidth
KRIM Dreamwidth
kuwdora Dreamwidth
lacksdiscipline Dreamwidth
ladymajavader Livejournal
lakester Livejournal
lapillus Dreamwidth
larissabernstein Dreamwidth
Laura Shapiro Dreamwidth
Laura47 Livejournal
lee-fragilidad Livejournal
legoline Livejournal
lilly-the-kid Livejournal
lilly-the-kid Dreamwidth
linguology Dreamwidth
LithiumDoll Twitter
Little Heaven Dreamwidth
LittleClaire_70 Twitter
livrelibre Dreamwidth
lizbetann Livejournal
lola Dreamwidth
lotesse Dreamwidth
luminosity Dreamwidth
lunarcress Twitter
lunarcress Google
lunate8 Dreamwidth
lunesque Dreamwidth
Luovien Innoitus Livejournal
luvtheheaven Dreamwidth
Lyndon Dreamwidth
lyonie17 Dreamwidth
maichan808 Livejournal
marina Dreamwidth
marxist-dinosaur Tumblr
marymac Livejournal
mayhap Dreamwidth
Meddow Livejournal
meiou-set Livejournal
menolly-au Livejournal
meretricula Livejournal
metatxt Dreamwidth
Mika Twitter
Milly Livejournal
Miss Breese Livejournal
Mithborien Dreamwidth
mizz-destiny Livejournal
mlyn Dreamwidth
monanotlisa Dreamwidth
mosellegreen Dreamwidth
mresundance Dreamwidth
nakedbee Dreamwidth
ncvids Livejournal
Nessaancalime Livejournal
nicole-anell Livejournal
niyalune Dreamwidth
nnaylime Livejournal
noah.brand.3 Facebook
noldo Dreamwidth
obsessive24 Livejournal
odessie Dreamwidth
ohvienna Livejournal
ohvienna Dreamwidth
onewingdippedinblood Dreamwidth
par avion Dreamwidth
perverse-idyll Livejournal
petra Dreamwidth
phenylalanine Dreamwidth
piecesofalice Livejournal
pigtailedgirl Livejournal
pinkspring100vids Google
pipsqueaky Livejournal
prieel Livejournal
proofpudding Livejournal
purplefringe Dreamwidth
quizkwatsh Google
raven Dreamwidth
reapingfolk Livejournal
rebecca2525 Livejournal
Regen Child Livejournal
rei17 Livejournal
renenet Livejournal
restfield Dreamwidth
Rhea314 Dreamwidth
Rhi Livejournal
rhivolution Dreamwidth
rhoboat Dreamwidth
rockyanand Dreamwidth
rokikurama Livejournal
rupak.jha Google
sabaceanbabe Livejournal
sabinetzin Dreamwidth
salty-catfish Livejournal
samgrass Livejournal
Sanguinity Dreamwidth
sarashina-nikki Dreamwidth
savannamae17 Dreamwidth
Scribe Dreamwidth
SDWolfpup Livejournal
seekingferret Dreamwidth
Selkiechick Facebook
settiai Dreamwidth
Shati Dreamwidth
shinealightonme Livejournal
shinyjenni Dreamwidth
shobogan Dreamwidth
sholio Dreamwidth
shopfront Dreamwidth
silberpfeill Tumblr
silly-cleo Dreamwidth
silly_cleo Twitter
sisabet Livejournal
skygiants Dreamwidth
sockkpuppett Livejournal
sol_se Livejournal
sol_se Livejournal
some_stars Dreamwidth
sophinisba Dreamwidth
squigglepie Livejournal
stabby silang Twitter
stardust-rain Livejournal
starlady Dreamwidth
Starrylizard Livejournal
starrylizard Twitter
stephantom Livejournal
streussal Livejournal
Suburban Noir Dreamwidth
suburbannoir Livejournal
subwaycars Livejournal
such heights Dreamwidth
such_heights Dreamwidth
sweetestdrain Livejournal
T.D. Possum Livejournal
Tablesaw Dreamwidth
talitha78 Livejournal
Talumin Dreamwidth
Tam Cranver Livejournal
tamcranver Dreamwidth
Tanja Dreamwidth
tassosss Dreamwidth
tearful eye Livejournal
tehlime Dreamwidth
terajk Dreamwidth
thatfangirl Dreamwidth
thatyourefuse Dreamwidth
theanonsisters Livejournal
thedivinegoat Livejournal
theleaveswant Dreamwidth
theletterelle Dreamwidth
therienne Dreamwidth
thingswithwings Dreamwidth
thirdblindmouse Dreamwidth
thuvia ptarth Dreamwidth
tree Dreamwidth
Trelkez Livejournal
Trutgras Google
turquoisetumult Livejournal
turquoisetumult Dreamwidth
ua-the-terrible Livejournal
vagabondage Livejournal
Valika Dreamwidth
valoise Dreamwidth
verity Livejournal
vidderkidder Livejournal
viklikesfic Dreamwidth
violace Dreamwidth
vociferocity Livejournal
v_angelique Dreamwidth
Waldo Livejournal
way2busymom Livejournal
wisdomeagle Dreamwidth
wmandrphilbodie Twitter
wolfspirit07 Livejournal
wonderlandkat Livejournal
wyomingnot Dreamwidth
yhlee Dreamwidth
yinetime Livejournal
Zee Livejournal
zeegoeshere Dreamwidth
Zen Google
zephyrprince Livejournal
Zhailei Livejournal
zimshan Livejournal
ziyal Tumblr


Accounts can now be created/logged into with Facebook, Livejournal, Dreamwidth, Google, Tumblr (except if you change your name) and Twitter.

To change your account from one log in type to the other:

  1. Log in with your current account
  2. Once forwarded to your dashboard, click the 'Log In' tab
  3. Click the icon of the account type you want to switch to

To merge accounts:

  1. Log in with one of the accounts (it doesn't matter which)
  2. Once forwarded to your dashboard, click the 'Log In' tab
  3. Click the icon of the account type you have the second account in
  4. You will be taken to an area giving you the choice which account you wish to keep and which to delete.